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General information

General Information

Remember that you went through the red line, declared all your US dollars, had your customs declaration stamped on entry and did not lose the customs declaration.

We had a bit of a panic when the Russian customs official asked [11/98] where all the money had gone. He was about to try to charge duty on several thousand dollars (the difference between our arriving and departing declarations of US currency) worth of souvenirs. Our quick thinking translator said the money was donated to the orphanage.

When you arrive in the US, you must go through the Non US Citizen line at immigration -- your child is not a citizen yet.


If you have an infant, the bulkhead seats can be convenient. A bassinette can clip onto the wall in front of you and provide a place to put the baby. You should have requested that and any infant or children's meals when you made your reservations.

Information about particular airlines and their ports of entry into the US are on the Travel Arrangements page.

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