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Many people say they wish they had learned more Russian before their trips. In other words, if you have the time, try to learn more than just the one word and phrase! There are some fairly inexpensive audio tapes you can use in your car before you travel. They are listed below and some reviews from are reproduced in the Book Store.

The Bare Essentials:
The absolute bare essentials are one word and one phrase. This is what I finally learned by the end of our second adoption trip. Master these and then if you have the time, go for the next 42 phrases or buy yourself inexpensive lessons on cassette.

spah-SEE-bah - thank you
ya nee gav-ar-YOO pah ROOS-ki - I don't speak Russian.

I knew these two words before we adopted:
Da - Yes.
Nyet - No.

Learning more:
Teach yourself the Cyrillic alphabet.
Basic Russian phrases you can listen to on the internet.

It has been suggested that you get a Russian language tape from your public library and listen to it in your car.

Or, you can buy these language tapes. You can read reviews in the Book Store.

Some websites where you can learn Russian:
The alphabet and 42 phrases
Learn Russian on the Web

Browse Russian websites translated into English.

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