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Older Children

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Relative to other topics on Adopting from Russia, this one is incomplete. If you have suggestions or contributions, please email them to me. Thanks.

Buying while you're there



When adopting an older child who can talk, the more Russian you can speak, the better the child may feel about being able to communicate with you. You should strongly consider buying the 'Adopting from Russia Language and Parenting Guide' ($39.95) tape & booklet.

When you meet your child on the first trip, you want to leave pictures and other materials to leave in Russia between trips. Dress nicely for your first meeting as your child may remember it vividly.

Bring some 'ice breakers' to help start interactions.

Snacks to use as ice breakers. Eg: Goldfish. Oranges or other fruit bought locally.

Polaroid cameras work well as ice breakers. Your child can take pictures of friends and caregivers and they can take pictures of you.

Markers & drawing paper

A stuffed animal

Audio tapes In Russian - to tell about you. In your voice - so the child can hear your voice.

Casette tape player - both for what you have brought and what you will buy for the return flight (see below)

Pictures, Photo album Of you , family, environment.


English flash cards

Diversions for the airplane ride home:
Backpack full of dolls, sticker books, activities.
The aforementioned snacks, etch-a-sketch, markers & paper, tape player, instant camera, English flash cards.
Magna doodle.

Christmas presents (depending on season)

What else? Please use the contribution form or email me to tell what you have thought of.

Shoes for the child Recall that you must bring shoes for the child, no matter what the age. Otherwise you will offend Russian sensibilities. Make outlines of the child's feet during the first trip to have an idea what size shoes you will need.


Note: [relevant to one-trip when the referral was received and accepted before the trip] it has been reported that items sent ahead were not given to the child until after the parents arrived and even not until after the adoption in Russia. The reason given is that they don't trust that the adopting parents will show up or that the adoption might not go through.

Buying while you're there

Kids stories & music on casette


Hannah and Her Mama - resources and insights about children adopted at ages two and over.

<< What to Pack - Infants & Toddlers Arriving in Moscow >>
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